Hi Everybody!

My name is Vadim Pavlov. I was born in Moscow in 1973 and have lived here all my life.  Having participated in all historical events that happened since then, I can tell you interesting stories about the history and development of my city.  


After I graduated as a Sports Specialist, I have been employed in different areas: education, construction, international trade, logistics, and currently in taxi driving, driver and travel guide in Moscow.

I have studied the English language in Royal Tundbridge Wells in  Great Britain, so I`m definitely sure that we will have no difficulty communicating.   In an active way of life, involved in issues concerning my local and national community, including issues of international concern, you will find our time together will be informative and captivating. 


What I do:

I offer service at your convenience   24/7

My car, a Ford Wagon, 4 passenger seating and room for a maximum of 7 bags is at your service..

Larger vehicles are available at your request.

Tours throughout Moscow and neighboring regions are available. 

If your time is limited, I can plan a tour for you within the limits of your time constraints..

If you are in Moscow already and you need a ride from point A to point B, just call me.

If you arrived at one of the three 3 Moscow airports, call us and we can come to meet you or even call a taxi for you if you are in a rush.  Also, please note that there are seven railway stations in Moscow for your convenience.

You need advice on Russian business or how life goes here? Just contact me and I will be delighted to help you. 


Personal driver and guide in Moscow